The Palm Comparomics hub website is dedicated to some species of the Arecaceae family (Cocos nucifera, Elaeis guineensis, ...)


Website Data Usage Policy

Palm genome hub adheres to the Toronto Agreement on prepublication data release for all data deposited

To foster transparent and accessible data sharing culture, in accordance with the Toronto Agreement, all data deposited on palm-genome-hub will be made public immediately. Data producers can provide information on the data they deposit, including planned analyses and publication timeline information, to indicate their publication intentions. Data users are expected to respect scientific etiquette and allow data producers the first global analyses of their data set, and should be aware that pre-publication data may not have been subject to full quality control and peer review, so caution must be applied when utilizing these data.

Data access

This site proposes different omics tools for cocos nucifera and eleais guineensis and some files for downloading.

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